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Mission Statement

Girl Cult is a festival for kickass women and allies who want to come together and create a new vision.

We're creating an environment that embraces and celebrates all cultures and backgrounds. Our performers, speakers, vendors and guests are working together to create a culture of creation and progress. At Girl Cult, all races, religions, genders, and sexualities are given a space to dance, discuss and demonstrate our undying support for equality.

Here's what we're all about:

  • a society with racial equality

  • a society with reproductive autonomy for all

  • a society that protects civil rights for all

  • a society that embraces, celebrates and protects LGBTQ+ lives

  • a society that is anti-discrimination

  • a society where the environment is preserved and protected

  • a society where we consume responsibly and sustainably

  • a society that demands equal pay and safe working environments for all

Because freedom is necessary. Because equality is crucial. Because it's 2018 and asking politely won't cut it anymore.


Girl Cult Podcast

The Girl Cult Podcast is brought to you by Galore, Girl Cult Festival, and Lexie Jiaras. Girl Cult started off as a female empowerment festival to promote our mission for universal equality. The conversations we were having at the show felt so impactful and timely that we wanted to create a space for those conversations to live outside of our festival… hence the creation of this podcast. Our guests are female entrepreneurs from all walks of life. New episodes every Sunday; subscribe to stay in the loop. We hope you enjoy hanging out with us.